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→ Speculative Citizen Design
Design research project with Luisa Hilmer, 2020 – Work in progress.

→ A Magazine Reader and the rise of the Unglossies
Warehouse – A place for clothes in context, 2020

→Bloomsbury Fashion Central (designer biographies)
Azzedine Alaïa | Jean-Paul Gaultier | Christian Lacroix | Bodymap | Comme des Garçons
Bloomsbury Fashion Video and Photography Archive, 2018

→ Searching for the New Luxury (contribution),
Conference & Exhibition, May 31 & June 1 2018, Arnhem (NL)

→ The End of Fashion (contribution),
Conference & Exhibition, 8 & 9 December 2016, Wellington (NZ)

Speculative Citizen Design

A pandemic design research project with Luisa Hilmer, which started during a collaborative online hackathon in March 2020.

The Speculative Citizen Design website documents proposals from the public which prototype new forms of social interactions in the present as well as imagined future scenarios. The collection can be seen as a pandemic design archive and a future toolkit for times of exception.
This project examines underlying approaches of selected case studies which range from those building on or preserving existing systems to more speculative and contestatory proposals. During this time of exception, there is an opening for alternative practices which functions as a rehearsal space for new modes of interaction and co-creation of the common space.

Disruption of industry and everyday behaviours due to crisis prevention measures meant that new formats and processes finally had more space and time to be applied, evaluated and negotiated. Speculative Citizen Design represents a move away from authorial design and a new design understanding which becomes a tool for dialogue and social innovation, as a decentralised form of citizen design research.

The project is ongoing and welcomes further contributions: → speculativecitizendesign.info