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Our practice is connected by a shared interest in critical fashion practices and collaborative education formats. We understand fashion as multidisciplinary co-creation, solidarity, critical reflection and artistic processes. Fashion education is a matter of social responsibility. In dissolved hierarchies, we can explore and question complex political, economic, societal and ecological processes in playful ways. Field research is a valuable contributor to practice-based critical fashion education.

In the artistic workshop „Gegenwarts-Werkstatt Mode: feldforschen und kuratieren“ [Fashion Workshop of the Present: field research and curatng], the clothes and perspectives of the participants of the event „Mode und Kritik“ [Fashion and Critique] were our most important resources.
In the first part, „Mapping-Patchwork“ we collected fashion samples among our group, categorised and remixed those for different perspectives.
In „Gegenwart kuratieren“[Curating the present], we developed ideas for curatorial concepts from the collected samples. In this mutual exchange and evaluation of our research, with our combined backgrounds, specialisations and experiences, we expanded the scope of narratives and classifications of fashion.

Gegenwarts-Werkstatt Mode: feldforschen und kuratieren [Fashion Workshop of the Present: field research and curating], Workshop, 2023

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Workshop with Johanna Schwab and participants from the programme "Mode und Kritik: Ausstellungen mit Stoff für Diskurs" [Fashion and Critique: Exhibitions with material for discourse].

Made possible by the Museumsakademie Joanneum, in partnership with Museum for Applied Arts Vienna.