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In collaboration with textile artist Marta Stanisława Sala, during a weeklong summer workshop for children in a local community garden, imaginations of wild garden monsters took shape via large-scale drawings, quick sketches and story-telling.

They were translated into costumes through experimental weaving on selfmade frames with used textiles and took a life of their own, playing hide-and-seek in between the plants and dancing with the flowers.

The suspenseful story of monsters Zottel, Wusel, Lala and Monstie was invented and rehearsed in front of a public of gardeners, before culminating in a closing performance in front of local youth groups at Theater X in Moabit.

WILD GARDEN MONSTERS Workshop/Participatory Making, 2023

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Neighbourhood workshop for children, Berlin-Moabit.

Collaboration with artist Marta Stanisława Sala, Schulgarten Moabit and Theater X.
Photography by Aïcha Abbadi, Marta Stanisława Sala and Cheong Kin Man.