The Observatory

Interactive Mixed-Media Installation

Wood, Tinsel, GoPro, Projector.


Schillerpalais & UdK Rundgang 2017


Project with Alissa Boss & Sebastian Goldschmidtböing
Photography: Gabriele Greaney, Alissa Boss, Aïcha Abbadi

A space within a space,

a retreat within a crowd

where on can hide on full display.

Upon entering the Observatory, the visitor blends into the exhibition and inscribes herself into the discourse of multiple realities that exist simultaneously at any given moment.
At once in and of the exhibition, at once watching and being watched, the carrier of the Observatory interacts with the other artworks from a critical distance while being fully immersed. Is the exhibition about seeing art or being seen seeing art?

above: UdK Rundgang 23.07.2017
below: Schillerpalais 25./26.02.2017