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DFS Face Masks are an extension of Deep Fashion State of Mind: An Awakening, the collective's first publication. Its chest of symbols and statements taken from René Girard's mimetic theory and Kapferer & Bastien's anti-laws of marketing take on a new meaning and urgency as fashion has come to a collective halt...

The critical fashion collective Deep Fashion Society reflects an emerging cultural shift among fashion practitioners who seek to incorporate observations about the fashion world into their practice, as a critical commentary and to offer new ways of seeing and experiencing fashion.

DFS FACE MASKS Objects, 2020

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Associated project: Deep Fashion State of Mind: An Awakening, Artist Book, 2019 in collaboration with Katharina Heckmann.


Exclusively available in Berlin at Studio 183.

For more information, contact hq [at] deepfashionsociety.xyz or visit deepfashionsociety.xyz