An outfit for an inhabitant of another planet, similar to ours but more extreme. Abstract, exaggerated. Focus on material experiments.



Photography: Carlito Schiliro

Imagine a planet that is plunged in extreme light and made completely of semi-translucent stone. There is no vegetation and the planet is inhabited by a single species. The population resembles us humans in many ways, capable of intense emotions and with ideals and hopes. It is, however, constantly threatened by the raging storms and the heavy rains that are typical for the stone-planet. The inhabitants shield themselves in bunker-like shelters underground, a network of illuminated tunnels with a depressing atmosphere. The only thing they wish for is for the storms to stop so they can live overground, feel fresh air and see the unfiltered light.

Only a small minority is allowed to go outside. Those are the bravest, strongest and most determined members of the poulation. After an intensive training with a more experienced mentor, they are finally handed their protective clothing, the last stage before going outside and becoming a real STORMCHASER. They are driven by hope and the addictive thrill of facing the storm and coming back as a hero to the ones who have to stay inside. The others have to rely on the stormchasers to bring them raw building material and edible stone, brought by the storm from the distant mountains.