bikes in skies

Collection Development


teenage BMXers, male, 14 years old; between childhood and adulthood, between fun and functionality; between game and competitive sport; between sky and earth

bike . handlebar . wheel . slopes . curves . skatepark . worn-out surfaces . metal . grid . outside . sky . blue . clouds . dreamy . poetic . performance . motocross . race . 80s . E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial . overalls . protective clothing . padding . kneepads . hidden zippers . performance fabrics . leisure . fun . freestyle . jeans . shorts . tank tops . t-shirts .

To look more mature, the BMX boys borrow an accessory from the grown-up business world, the briefcase. It becomes a status symbol that upgrades the total look and demonstrates the affiliation to the BMX sport. To this end, the contours of a typical BMX handlebar and its wheels are incorporated into the design. These elements appear in other accessories and in the garments as well. In some of them they remain subtle (i.e. pants), in others they are more prominent in a playful way (i.e. handlebar-cap).