Presently Absent

Immersive Accessories & Installation

Instéternel. A collaborative project about the infinite and the ephemeral, the Comité Colbert and the Meisterkreis, the UdK and the ENSAAMA, transcending borders and mindsets.



Marie Cordier & Aïcha Abbadi
Background visuals:
Marie Cordier, ENSAAMA Paris
Models: Angéline and Rémy

Reflecting about the meaning of luxury and the experience of its consumption today, several conclusions can be drawn. It can be seen as eccentric, over-the top and separating people, while it can also be an expression of comfort and well-being, feeling priviledged and looked after. This apparent antagonism and luxury's intrinsic duality of public presence and private seclusion are translated through experiential accessories, to be worn for a moment. They are instruments for reflection and introspection. Revolving and reversible, exposing and enveloping us, they lure us in and shut the world out. The wearer becomes the actor in a one-person show, in front of an audience of one. Golden mirror foil appropriates the public space, visualizing the multi-layered reality we live in. Confronted with infinite reflections of ourselves and enhanced surroundings, we transcend the border to a parallel dimension. Put in the spotlight, we catch a glimpse of the other side.  On the reverse side of the mirror is a dark and comfortable place made for private contemplation. Surrounded by the plush volume of velvet, we are sheltered from today’s constant exposure. The golden outside serves as a representative placeholder for our public persona while we can focus on our own existence.