Berlin-based Aïcha Abbadi (*Luxembourg) seeks to dissolve artificial boundaries between disciplines and people.

She holds a BA in Fashion Design from the University of the Arts Berlin where she is currently completing an MA in Design. She sees fashion as a narrative device and is influenced by conceptual art, design, philosophy and the complexities of the human mind and society.

In her work, she explores the boundaries of fashion through materiality and construction methods and seeks to redefine how fashion can be expressed. Interested in poetic expression and the translation of thought processes, her works are materialized short stories that act as comments and questions for discussion.

In addition to theoretical and practical fashion projects, she is invested in neighborhood initiatives that create shared community spaces and foster active participation.


2017 – ADDRESS – Journal for Fashion Criticism : 'Fashion from the Shadows' series
2016 – The End of Fashion Exhibition Catalogue

Selected shows and exhibitions:

2017 – MISSING LINKS – International Symposium on creating value in Fashion, University of the Arts, Berlin
2017 – UdK Rundgang, University of the Arts, Berlin
2017 – At the Limits of Perception and Cognition, Schillerpalais, Berlin
2016 – The End of Fashion Conference & Exhibition, Massey University, Wellington
2016 – Schau16, Estrel Convention Center, Berlin
2016 – Colbert International Design Workshop, UdK, Berlin
2016 – Colbert International Design Workshop, ENSAAMA, Paris
2015 – KANAAN Food x Fashion x Music Fusion, Willner Brauerei, Berlin
2015 – Schau15, Erika-Hess-Eisstadion, Berlin
2014 – Schau14, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Berlin